Sally Plone

I believe therapy is a unique opportunity — to transform life’s most painful, confusing and/or challenging times into growth, strength and clarity. Whether I am working with adults, couples, children or entire families, I am 100% committed to creating a safe and trusting relationship so my clients may feel understood and supported in who they are, what they have been through & where they want to go.
Over the past 25+ years of practice, I have been trained in many modalities including Internal Family Systems, Expressive Arts Therapy, Couples/Family Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, & Mediation — but find that my work with each person is unique to what they need and feel comfortable with.
Choosing a therapist is a big decision. Training and experience are essential, but I believe it is ultimately the human-to-human contact that makes therapy effective. Not every therapist is suited to every client, but when it works, it works!