Diana Dugan Richards, RDN LDN, nutrition therapist

Since 2007, as a metro Boston registered dietitian, certified IFS practitioner and non-diet, weight-neutral nutrition therapist, I’ve offered one-on-one nutrition counseling and yoga consulting to those searching for relief in their relationship with food and body.

In my private practice in Watertown, MA, you and I partner on your journey toward nourishing your body in a way that makes sense, feels respectful, and honors your metabolic needs. Together, we create a sturdy foundation of hope using your rich history and experience along with my expertise in understanding the pulsation of emotions involved as you create change in your relationship with food.

As a certified IFS practitioner and nutrition therapist, I hold the space for you of compassion, clarity, and curiosity for your inquiry. I follow your lead to provide a framework that empowers you to find your path, one that allows you to shift in ways that align with your own authentic truth and deep longings. You have unique qualities that can enhance optimal health and wellness and we work toward healing within to allow those to shine. With support, in steady, small steps, you begin to heal and transform your relationship with food.

For more info about the process, visit my website.