Barbara Ferullo

You didn’t “choose” to be unhappy. It probably started with something you couldn’t control, and now you’re still trying to cope with it the best way you can. It can help to talk with someone. My style is conversational, natural, and relaxed. I try to put things in a way that resonates with you, so you can start to connect the dots.
I’m usually described as warm, reassuring, down to earth, and having a calming voice. I have a natural give and take conversational style, so people comment that they don’t feel “talked down to.” I also have a knack for being able to put things in a way that the person can relate to, which resonates with them.
We often talk about the past, in part to find the root of the problem. Most people prefer this, saying they never had the opportunity to so before. Sometimes it’s not necessary or someone prefers not to. Research shows it’s not necessary in order to lead a satisfying life and primarily, we focus on the present.

Easy, back-and-forth conversational exchanges. I’m trained in psychodynamic (traditional, Freudian) and trauma modalities. Relaxation, mindfulness, reality and strategizing techniques help you relax, take a step back, and get some control over your life. These techniques can help you be less stressed-out and fearful.

You can discover the root causes of your difficulties and develop deeper understanding of them, while you develop new ways to handle them at the same time. This remains with you for the rest of your life. It can be “the gift that keeps on giving”. Give yourself that gift.